Superindex and subindex in ggpairs axes labels

I was having problems on the syntax to get the axis labels with subindices and superindices, as it didn’t work as in ggplot2. The trick was to use a single expression() and specifying labeller = label_parsed)


resin_bv |> 
  ggpairs(columns = c("canal_size_bv", "canal_area_bv", "canal_density_bv"),
          columnLabels = c("Canal~size~(mm^2)", "Canal~area~('%')", "Canal~density~(n~cm^{-2})"),
          upper = "blank",
          labeller  = label_parsed) +
  theme_bw(base_size = 14)

greenR: Green spaces in R

Yesterday I was attending the Urban Forest Futures conference and there were several interesting presentations. Here is a couple of links to work that was mentioned:

* greenR: “an R package that enables the quantification, analysis, and visualization of urban greenness within city networks”
* Wildcounts: “supports and celebrates people documenting the changes in wild nature”

duckplyr: dplyr + DuckDB

DuckDB released a new R package – duckplyr, which enables running dplyr functions using the DuckDB engine on the backend (for large datasets)

I haven’t done an animation in R in ages

So I needed to remember how to do it. Thie post “Building an animation step-by-step with gganimate” is pretty helpful:

Water stress, Dothistroma and remote sensing

Long-term effects of water stress on hyperspectral remote sensing indicators in young radiata pine

Prediction of the severity of Dothistroma needle blight in radiata pine using plant based traits and narrow band indices derived from UAV hyperspectral imagery

Experiments in glasshouse

Blocking and re-arrangement of pots in greenhouse experiments: which approach is more effective?

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