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Processing LiDAR

Looking for alternatives to the lidR R package, for research purposes, plus some resources to start working on it.

New collection of Jupyter Notebooks enables programmatic access to cloud-hosted USGS 3D Elevation Program (3DEP) lidar data

Big Data Geospatial Processing for Massive Aerial LiDAR Datasets uses Spark

A guide covering LiDAR including the applications, libraries and tools that will make you better and more efficient with LiDAR development.

Learning from LiDAR Data with Deep Learning

Forest inventory with high-density UAV-Lidar: Machine learning approaches for predicting individual tree attributes

Oh my git!

An open source game about learning Git! Just another way in which I won’t learn git 🙁 Only my efforts to learn to touch type have been going for longer and equally unsuccessfully.

memex birth

I am all the time reading and taking notes in bits and pieces of paper, that inevitably I lose. They are too small to include in my main blog So I just created the Aleph (thinking of Jorge Luis Borges’ story) as a memex: as an open Borgesian memex. Get it?

Inspiration to do this: Cory Doctorow’s Pluralistic (explained in his podcast) and Warren Ellis’ Writer’s Notebook.

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